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This 4-wheel drive truck is robust and safe with one-ton capacity. It is specially designed to be adaptable to work for underground mines.


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Fleet Management And Maintenance

We offer a light vehicle fleet management service, as well as maintenance programs, according to your needs. Our experts in the field will ensure all the details regarding the operation of your light vehicle fleet. Servicing, maintenance and repairs will be taken care of by our highly experienced employees to minimize downtime.

  • Providing complete service that includes parts and labour
  • Providing a very high level of fleet availability
  • Offering significant savings because there are :
    – no fees to support employees for planning, parts management and inventory
    – no transportation and repair fees to off-site repair shops
Gestion et Maintenance de véhicules

Ausco Wet Enclosed Brakes for the Toyota Landcruiser

Designed specifically for the Toyota Landcruiser used in mining, this brake improves your bottom line and your operator’s safety.



  • 4-Wheel Parking – safer emergency stops with no driveline damage
  • Aluminum Housing – cools faster and better for less fade and long life
  • Double 2-Stage Technology – great pedal feel for strong, smooth stops
  • Meets Vale Ramp Test – exceeds Canadian mining standards



  • Drop-In Design – bolts to existing knuckle – no cutting, drilling, or welding
  • Double 2-Stage Technology – uses Toyota OEM Master Cylinder
  • Lightweight Anodized Housing – reduces wear and tear on CV joints
  • Removable Slave Cylinder – can service/remove brake without bleeding
  • Pre-Assembled – can easily be installed or removed in one piece



  • High-Energy Metallic Linings – low maintenance and less downtime
  • Internal Cooling Chamber – low maintenance and less downtime
  • Dual Grease Barrier Sealing – low maintenance and less downtime
  • Proper Running Clearance – can operate at higher speeds in potash mines


Ausco LC Brake System (flyer)

Ausco Premium Pump Pack (brochure)


Freins Ausco sur Landcruiser

Authorized Ausco brakes distributor for Canada
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